Quality Assurance

Our mission statement is to deliver the highest quality end product to our clients, based on being market focused, using our Historical Experience. Professionalism & Organisational Qualities to ensure that our work is best value, on time and carried out ensuring the highest quality while ensuring at all times we meet our commitment to all our stakeholders. Within our mission statement lies our fundamental value system.

These values can be summed up as follows:

  • Partnering with clients’ to achieve the highest quality results.
  • Highest quality of product & service through a closely monitored quality delivery, control & assurance systems, adding best value.
  • Ensuring that Health, Safety and Welfare of our employees is of primary importance.
  • Innovation in Construction through the use of the latest Technology & Environmentally friendly processes A commitment to Corporate Responsibility through a real sense of Working in the community.

Health & Safety Authority

Formac Construction Limited is wholly committed to ensuring the Health, Safety & Welfare at Work of its employees. We will continue to achieve this through compliance with relevant legislation & continuous improvement in the Health & Safety function throughout our organisation. Our commitment extends to the constant improvement of ours & our employees awareness through training, positive reinforcement & strict adherence to the legislation governing the industry. In conjunction with our in-house quality management systems we endeavour to constantly & consistently improve the health & safety practices & systems in place within Formac Construction Limited.